Frankenstein’s Wake


Holsinger relies on the timbre of her voice and on supple movement to imbue Shelley’s Frankenstein with a vital Gothic aura. …an exhilarating bravura performance.  -Time Out New York

For those wishing to discover the true and unblemished story concerning Victor Frankenstein and his “daemon” creations,” Holly Holsinger gives an astoundingly honest portrayal of all the characters involved in what is considered the very first “science fiction” work.   -AXS


Historical women
“There’s plenty of righteous anger in Ancestra, and that’s a damn fine thing.” -Scene Magazine

… a compelling new play [that] entertains as it pointedly probes and boldly crusades.
Ancestra’s politics are largely relayed through well-honed and beautifully executed theatricality…The playwrights’ thoughtful prose is impeccably delivered by
a highly skilled cast through beautifully drawn and very likable characters.
-Cleveland Jewish News

The authors have creatively woven flashes from the past with instances of the present to create an effective portrayal of their message “to celebrate those who came before and champions of current efforts to achieve dignity and justice…It is a story that needs to be told.  -The News-Herald

Insomnia: The Waking of Herselves

Insomnia PD photo

This is a play everybody should see. But even more so, every woman.  -The Plain Dealer

The three performers are essentially flawless in their interpretation of this unique material. Indeed, this trio of Holsinger, Seibert, and Anne McEvoy—make up the core of one of CPT’s most memorable female performances in years.  -Cleveland Scene Magazine

Blue Sky Transmission

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The play’s darkly complex fabric avoids a pop interpretation of Buddhism—and neither does it slide headlong into impenetrability…there are several fine performances, including Holly Holsinger as a motherly guide to the afterlife…  -American Theatre Magazine

colorful, elegantly choreographed moments…full of reference points, consciously or not: Kafka’s Castle often comes to mind as do Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and even, briefly, the film Groundhog Day. Allison’s journey is all about letting go; viewers willing to do that and just let the performance flow over them may find rewards.  -The New York Times

Between Life and Death by Gao Xingjian

Between Life and Death @ CPT 2008
…mesmerizing verbal and visual tapestry…Holsinger directs “Life and Death” — as a placid yet constantly moving mediation on existence. -The Plain Dealer

Telephone by Ariana Reines

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