Original Works

Experimentation and collaboration are central to my method of creating. I weave together a tapestry of movement, text, and song to tell the story and highlight what is beneath. I work in collaborative partnerships which challenge and inspire me to reach beyond what I know, creating a deeper, shared vision.

Marie Curie Horror Story


Following two concurrent stories—one past, one present—Marie Curie Horror Story examines the tragedies and triumphs of her life and comes face to face with the realities of her radioactive discovery. Directed by Chris Seibert. Performed by Holly Holsinger and Lauren Joy Fraley.

Frankenstein’s Wake


This twisted adaptation of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece first performed off-Broadway in 1997, and was described as “an exhilarating bravura performance,” by Time Out New York. This restaging reflects a deeper knowledge and evolved perspective on the themes of longing, the search for one’s origin, conflict with the maker and what it means to be human. Frankenstein’s Wake has also performed at Link’s Hall in Chicago and at the Grotowski at Irvine and Beyond Conference. This show is available for touring. For more information visit the Frankenstein’s Wake link above.

Steadfast in Flames


This short piece was created for and performed in Light the Lights, a holiday show at Cleveland Public Theatre. A feminist version of the classic tale, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, the performance examines the story from a female point of view. Created during the 2016 election, the piece explores themes of women left waiting for their turn.

Insomnia: The Waking of Herselves


Attemping to unify the many parts of her “selves” during one sleepless night in the attic, Ev faces haunting internal voices–ultimately confronting what it means to leave oneself behind in life. A story conveyed through childhood games, dress-up, and embodied memories, Insomnia examines themes of forgotten dreams, isolation, and reunion. Insomnia played two runs at Cleveland Public Theatre, a special showing at Ms, Miss, and Mrs: 21st Century Expressions of the Second Sex, and received a residency and performance at the North American Cultural Laboratory in New York.



Inspired by the 1853 National Women’s Rights Convention, Ancestra weaves a historical account of the pioneers for women’s rights with the intimate biography of a contemporary journalist who writes about reproductive healthcare. When Cora’s methods take an unconventional turn, she is plunged into a crisis through which past and present begin to converge, bringing to the forefront a vision of how far society has come, and how far we have yet to go.